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Simplified freight payments for improved working capital

Payment terms and processes for transportation can be costly and cumbersome for both buyers (shippers) and sellers (carriers). The cost of processing freight-related payables and receivables is high for many reasons, among them:

  • Complicated, detailed pricing structures
  • Very specific and often stringent audit requirements
  • The extensive amount of paperwork that results from complex invoices and arduous auditing

That's why Citi has partnered with Syncada to offer a new solution that automates the entire audit, approval and payment processes related specifically to freight invoices. With this specialized solution, Citi can directly address the needs of companies facing the challenges of managing large supply chain operations via an online collaborative system.

Benefits at a Glance
  • Better financial visibility
  • Lower processing costs
  • More control over cash flows
  • Improved buyer-supplier relationships

For more information, visit our web site: www.transactionservices.citi.com.