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Welcome to Elavon Freight Payment

Elevate your expectations of freight payment.

Elavon Freight Payment is provided to you by Elavon Financial Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp. Based in Brussels, we provide freight payment services to European companies. Our service is a comprehensive solution that spans invoicing, audits, payment and finance.

Our in-depth local knowledge, robust technology and financial strength, make Elavon Freight Payment an ideal solution for shippers and carriers seeking to gain efficiency and improve profitability.

Elavon Freight Payment uses an Internet-based, integrated invoice processing, payment and financing solution - the Syncada from Visa network - that meets the complex challenge of managing and optimizing global operations. Syncada is a joint venture between U.S. Bancorp and Visa, two of the world’s premier payment experts.

Visit elavonpayment.com to learn more.